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Easy Payment Integration
with POS management and ecommerce

Nexumpay addons and plugins will be available for all major POS management software including Quickbooks.

Other than that our main focus is to capture the ecommerce market so our easy to integrate plugin will be available for all major ecommerce apps including Shopify, Bigcommerce, Woocommerce, Opencart and Prestashop.

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Available on all platforms

Customer and Merchant Apps

As we are moving ahead in future there is no doubt that we have to be available on all platform and devices in order to capture large audience and also provide accessibility to our customers and merchants to access easy payment system on all devices including Web, PC, Mac, Mobile, Tablet as well as on different gadgets.

Users will be able to send, recieve, request even manage all transactions and payments in most minimal and easiest way using our most user friendly applications.

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Benefits of Investing on Nexumpay

Nexumpay has a hard working team who has created its blockchain specification in such a way that everyone can profit from it and generate a passive income for long period of time.


Masternode owners get quick payback. They control and maintain effective work of blockchain.


We will have partnership with multiple High Risk brands and companies, along with our 3 Major inhouse projects which will be disclosed in #Stage2.

Our Product

We are working on to provide an easy fiat-crypto merchant gateway solution for a 50 Billion dollars high risk business industry.

Fiat to Crypto

We will be providing a fiat to crypto gateway for merchant accounts only so that their customers will be able to buy product using credit card and later merchant will be credited in NXM.

Developer's Platform

Our developer's platform will be built to give easy access to developers to create applications and plugin by create proper authentication and authorization keys.

Blockchain Technology

Nexumpay is a decentralized peer-to-peer cryptocurrency developed on Asic and Nicehash resistant algorithm. We also support ZeroCoin Protocol, which allows to make transactions anonymous.

Roadmap to Success

We have major experience in past of running high risk business which gives us a good hand of knowledge on the problems that exists in this billion dollars market for years and we tend to resolve it once and for all.

June, 2018 Planning
July, 2018 Project Launch
August-September, 2018 BOD Presale Presale 1 Presale 2 Presale 3
October, 2018 Network Launch Cryptobridge Listing on MN websites Marketing
November, 2018 Web wallet
December, 2018 Android/iOS wallet BONUS
January, 2019 Developers portal/API
March, 2019 Merchant Account Payment gateway Whitepaper
April, 2019 Platform Bug Testing Penetration Testing (CPTC) Secure Code Testing (CSWAE) PCI compliance
May, 2019 Revealing Identity Company Formation Filing for Crypto to Fiat license
June, 2019 Reveal NXM Projects Partnerships Sales Team
July, 2019 Reveal Stage 2

Coin Specification

A decentralized peer-to-peer cryptocurrency developed on Asic and Nicehash resistant algorithm. Nexumpay supports instant and private send features and has masternode system with fair rewards. Nexumpay also supports ZeroCoin Protocol, which allows to make transactions anonymous.

Name: Nexum
Ticket: NXM
Algorithm: Xevan
Coin Type: PoW/PoS/Masternode
Maximum supply: 500 000 000
Block time: 60 sec
Masternode collateral: 50 000
Masternode reward: 80%
Coins maturity: 120 blocks
PoS requirement: 10 000
Minimum staking age: 6 hours
Premine block: 1


Nexumpay has one premined block and will allow miners to mine from block 2-800 and from block 801 to ahead it will be 20% PoS rewards and 80% MN rewards from block.

10 NXM

801 — 1800

650 NXM

1801 — 3200

850 NXM

3201 — 6000

1050 NXM

6001 — 12000

1250 NXM

12001 — 20000

450 NXM

20001 — 100000

350 NXM

100 001 — 1 000 000

250 NXM

1 000 001 — 1 500 000

150 NXM

1 500 001 — 2 000 000

50 NXM

2 000 001 — total supply


1 block

30 NXM

2 — 800 block


Nexumpay has premined 5% of total supply of NXM which will be used in future development and promotion of the project.


We're proud of our hard-working, honest, cheerful - just plain awesome - team!

team member
Shayan Abbas Founder, CEO & Blockchain Dev
team member
Mujtaba Aziz Project Manager/Lead Developer
team member
Adeel Imtiaz Security Analyst
team member
Muhammad Waqar Security Consultant